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The Jeremy Williams Story Feature Film

How God used a terminal diagnosis to turn a family and a football team into CHAMPIONS


The inspiring and uplifting story of Coach Jeremy Williams who terminally ill with ALS (also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease) led Greenville Ga. High School to an undefeated regular season in 2009 while battling ALS. He served as a father figure to underprivileged players from broken homes. His courage and success served to galvanize and unite a community. As a result of overcoming adversity and leading Greenville to an undefeated regular season ,Coach Jeremy Williams was named The National High School Football Coach of The Year.

Coach Jeremy Williams is a loving husband to his former high school sweetheart. Together they have a loving household that includes two children, one (his son Jacob) who was born with spina bifida.

Family and Faith are the driving inspirations for Jeremy and Jennifer Williams to raise the awareness of Glorifying Gods Kingdom. Coach Williams has provided several personal testimonies to Church groups. He hosts a Bible Study Group at his home on Wednesday Evenings.

Coach Jeremy Williams coached the Greenville Ga Patriots to a perfect 10-0 regular season record in 2009 while battling ALS.

Williams served as a father figure to many players from broken homes. He often rode to practices in a golf cart. Slurring his words and sometimes leaning on players as he coached with fellow coaches sometimes echoing the play calling. Williams inspired the entire Greenville Community in ways unlike ever before.

His coaching success and courageous story earned him the selection of The National High School Football Coach of The Year by the NHSCA. His story was also voted 2009 Sports Story of The Year in a series of articles by The Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Jeremy Williams was a standout safety at University of Memphis 1990-1993. He played a big role in one of the greatest upsets in College Football History when Memphis upset the Southern Cal Trojans at LA Coliseum Sept 2,1991.

Growing up in Columbus ,Ga both Jennifer and Jeremy Williams attended public schools. They now reside in Pine Mountain, Ga raising two children (one born with spina bifida).The Williams family was profiled in an Edition of Extreme Home Makeover. Jeremy Williams provides Christian Faith Based testimony at churches and hosts Bible Study groups in their home. They support and attend FCA events on a regular basis. Coach Williams has retired from coaching but is still able to communicate with his eyes using a laser tobi machine allowing fellow coaches to seek his expert advice.

Jennifer Williams said it best, “although we have adverse circumstances in our life, I think it’s important not to focus on the bad, because we truly do live victorious lives.”

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The managing members and producers of The Jeremy Williams Feature Film LLC, will marry Hollywood talent and production quality to our Christian message and mission.

Led by two-time Emmy nominated Sam Sokolow, our powerful approach to story-telling leverages unique and direct access to A-List talent, writers, directors, decision-makers and studio production infastructure.

We believe supporting our mission presents a unique opportunity that has a solid prospect of substantial financial return, even as it enables the investor to join a broader social and evangelical mission.

The Jeremy Williams Story Feature Film LLC is now offering select investors the opportunity to take lead investment positions into a full-length feature film, based on the life of Jeremy Williams and his family.  In addition to being part of a project that marries Hollywood talent, craft and high quality production values to our Christian message and mission, investors in “The Jeremy Williams Story Feature Film LLC will receive the protections not always afforded to investors in traditional film finance:  a ‘lock box’ approach to revenue to ensure the integrity of investor distributions, full ‘open-book’ accounting, clearly explained rights to revenue from the film, and the ability to have ‘first look’ at future faith based productions with the producers.

We believe this project presents a unique opportunity to make an investment that has a solid prospect of substantial financial return, even as it enables the investor to join a broader social and evangelical mission.

The Company is offering a minimum of one (1) and a maximum of one hundred (100) Class B Membership Units at a price of $100,000 per Unit.

Purchaser of Class B Membership Units through this Offering will become Class B Members in the LLC.  Class B Members will receive net income distributions in the following manner, subject to the Operating Agreement; (a) one hundred percent (100%) of all of the Company’s negotiated share of revenue, across all revenue platforms for the film.  All revenue in the film shall be distributed to Class B Members until each Class B Member has recouped in full invested capital contributions and has realized a preferred simple interest return of ten percent (10%) and; (b) thereafter, Class B members will participate on a pari passu basis in fifty percent (50%) of all of the company’s share of all net revenues, in perpetuity.


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